Monday, June 21, 2010

Stinky girl!

Stinky stinky girl finally gets a real bath-well, sort of. Due to the trach, we have never been able to pour a huge glass of water over her head, but we are hoping it is in her near future. Here are some pics of T getting bathed since surgery. I think she is confused that Irene (T's nurse) is not around. This is one of their all time favorite things to do together. Irene gives T a bath and T gives Irene a bath!!

Get me outta here!! I want to play!!!

Irene, where are you???

AWWW! Thanks Mom! I feel like a new woman

ALAS, meemees time:)

Oh-that is another thing we will touch on tomorrow. Adam is a foreigner! They are stunned to see a hispanic in town. He takes Lauryn to the playground and *POOF* everyone runs for cover! Haha! It's funny.

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