Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to Cincinnati

Well, the time is almost here!! Due to repeated respiratory issues, we didn't know if we would make it or not... but at this point we are almost there-in Cincinnati -that is. We are scheduled to have the first phase of tracheal reconstruction started at Cincinatti Children's Hospital Monday June 14th, 2010. There is a 3 hour difference in time therefore, Tacori should be headed for the OR at 7:30am "their time" and back here in California it will be 4:30am. Dr. Cotton and staff hopefully will be well rested and ready to start their week out with a BANG (hence the pic). They will be taking one or two rib cartilage grafts from Tacori and placing them anteriorly and possibly posterior in her trachea to make it wider so we will eventually be able to decannulate(remove of trach maybe before Christmas). She is a grade 3 subglottic stenosis-which means her trachea is 75-90% closed and would never be able to breathe on her own if this surgery didn't take place. Don't get me wrong, in some ways I have grown to love her trach.It has allowed her to be held by us, to eat, drink, develop and play. But I am sooooo over it in soooo many more ways. The LTP(laryngealtracheoplasty) surgery should take about 4-6hrs. We have started her on bactrim and bactroban to help keep her MRSA from flaring up since she has always tested positive for this "bug". If not treated before hand it could cause more complications than necessary. So please keep up in your thoughts and prayers over the next two weeks as we will be hanging out in Cincinnati for the duration of Tacori's surgery and recovery.

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  1. WOW!!!!! That is SO exciting! Noah is thrilled for Miss T. You will all be in our prayers tomorrow. Good luck and keep us posted.