Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flying is for the BIRDS!

I know I am a little behind so let's play "Catch up." (unfortunately no pics til tomorrow)

Let's start with our flight. We left Fresno Air Terminal Sunday afternoon around 1pm to Salt Lake City, Utah and it was perfect until we got ready to land. Tacori was silly as can be playing peek a boo with everyone and was stealing hearts like it was her job! We came in for the landing and puke (strawberries/watermelon) landed everywhere before we did. I was wearing flip flops and was sliding on it all the way to next plane.

Our second flight wasn't as lovely. Tacori kept playing peek a boo but if you have seen the news lately Ohio has nothing but Severe thunderstorms,lightning and flash flood warnings right now. So it was only a matter of when she was going to stop puking since we all had major motion sickness. We got caught up in lightning and it was not cool. Adam and I seriously thought we were going down again and again. we were to land about 1030pm and we should have been seeing darkness out our windows and we could see nothing but flashing white lights with major turbulance to boot. But...we made it!

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