Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Newport Aquarium and a movie day

We had a great day here in Cincinnati. Got a late start but all in all it was definitely fun filled. We had some cabin fever due to the bad weather yesterday so we had to make up for it today. We headed out to a place called Newport on the Levee and there is soooo much to do there. We started out with a late lunch at a place called Brothers. Here is T, almost back to normal with all her smiles. And look she was tearing up a breadstick dipped in potato soup.

Then we walked down to the Newport Aquarium. Big thanks to the Ronald McDonald House who called in tickets for the family. It was awesome. The absolute best aquarium I have ever been to. You could even pet sharks!! So cool.

I love you Mr. Sea Turtle! You are the first thing I met that has eyes as big as me!

SHARKS! SHARKS! AND MORE SHARKS!!! (this one is for you JenJen)(she hates sharks)

Uh oh?? Which end of this turtle is up or down? (actually the tail is up and we are looking at his belly up)
Lauryn and Daddy feeding nectar to the birds in the Rain Forest

A whole house filled with Frogs and a jungle gym to boot! Fun!

This Sea Turtle looks like a Dinosaur and moves like one too! They loved eachother and he followed her wherever she went!

Then we topped it off with the Toy Story 3 movie. I can't tell you the last time Adam, myself and Lauryn went to the movies.this time it was even more special...T's very 1st movie and our very 1st movie as a family. Can you believe it?? What a milestone!! T was perfect! She watched about 20minutes, then took a snooze and woke up as it was finishing.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun!!! We're looking forward to seeing Toy Story 3 as well. Hope you're able to have more fun-filled family days before T needs to go"back under".