Monday, June 21, 2010

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day for the Sotelo Family. We woke up around 10:30am and just hung out at the Ronald McDonald House due to the horrible thunderstorms and lighting. We even went outside to enjoy the lightshow around noon but it was about 90 degrees outside and humid-so we didn't stay outside for long. The weather around here is mind boggling.

The Doug Family came in this evening and cooked dinner for all 78 guests who are staying here in the house. It was yummy!! Adam and I talked about doing the same one day for the residents at our local Ronald McDonald House.

We met some amazing patients and wonderful families today. I met the sister of a bone marrow recipient. His name is Josh and he is 19 years old from Georgia. He received his transplant about 1 yr ago and has been admitted to Childrens hospital ever since. She and her sister are on vacation and came to stay with her mom who hasn't been home since Josh rec'd his transplant.

I met a girl who is 13 yrs old and I am not sure why she here but she did tell me she lives here permanently and has for the past 3 yrs. Apparently, there are round the clock nurses here to stay and care for her but no family. We were going to talk more at dinner but we missed paths.

Adam met a 5 yr old who rec'd a heart transplant and is doing well.

We also met a mom and her 8month old who were just moving in today. The baby girl is awaiting a liver transplant.

And guess what?? We even met an amazing family here from Bakersfield!!!! California! That's right, the west coast is ruling the Ronald McDonald House. Amy (mom) said her son Jacob, 9, was born with multiple internal midline issues in addition to a trach and gtube. He was being followed by Childrens in Madera, CA for multiple surgeries. He has alot of scar tissue causing him great abdominal pain from all of the surgical revisions that now the local docs (In madera) said they don't know what else they can do for him. So they decided to come here and get a 2nd opinion since she heard there were some of the best specialty surgeons here in Cincinnati.

Please continue to send healing thoughts and prayers. All will be greatly appreciated by the many families in great need.

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  1. Hello!!! I am glad that you guys got there safely. I miss you guys all so much and I am glad to see pictures of lil miss T!! We miss her so much and I have all of the people at work praying for the family. Love you guys!!! Tell Adam I wished him a very late Happy Fathers Day!! I hope you guys had lots of fun at the zoo, although it was super busy lol.