Tuesday, June 15, 2010

36 hours post op

The first 12 hours of recovery were horrid. Initailly the docs were going to paralyze and sedate Tacori so she could heal from the inside out and not disturb the grafts, but now with a new trach, plans changed. They allowed her to wake up and it was sooooo hard to see her face. We felt so helpless. T was a mess, in tons of pain, had braces on both of her little arms to keep them from moving and a drain in her neck and another drain in her rib cage. We had a new trach, therefore, had tons of secretions to suction, not to mention they weren't mucousy, they were all blood. She was gagging and vomitting up the mucous. She has never really had an airway before, Adam and I were able to suction any mucous but now that she does have an airway and a trach, Tacori has to learn how to manage secretions out of both areas. She has been drooling for the most part but when she does try to swallow secretions she seems to be in great pain and gets nauseous. Not even the morphine helps very well.

We are 36 hours out and things are still rough but we are doing much better. All of us. Our tears are still there but we are camping out here in the room with her and she even cracked a smile (when she saw her binky) The next steps will be to remove the drains which may be Thursday and Saturday. Saturday the doctors will also come and do a trach change. And come then-- we will find out more . I will post pics tomorrow. I really didn't have the heart to post or even take any pics thus far. I would have cried tears in the camera and Adam wouldn't have been happy if I ruined the camera he got for me.

As for the big sis Lauryn, we all miss her dearly. That too, has only added to our tears. she is at home with my parents and with the help of the family is being kept busy. One of us may go home and get her so she could be here with us. We did do Skype this evening and once our Tacori saw her big sister Lauryn she started crying uncontrollably until she made herself sick. As for now, its time for some ZZZZZ's which we are in desperate need of.


  1. Thank you for keeping us posted. You three have been in our thoughts and prayers this week. We hope the worst is over and that Miss T cracks a few more smiles.

  2. I am praying for Tacori and all of you. You have had a long and tough journey and I hope that it will be getting easier. Love from Noah's Nana.