Thursday, June 17, 2010

70% better

72hours post and Tacori is about 70% better. We finally were able to get a room at the Ronald McDonald house so Adam and I are now taking shifts until we catch up on our ZZZZ's.
Last night was a toughy... so while Adam was sleeping, T and I were partying all...night...long!
8pm-new IV#1-the old one came out
midnight-new IV #2 since the anbiotic was leaking all over her bed
1230am-new bed change
1am-trach care since she made herself sick after the IV#2 was started
2am-Gtube popped out in its entirety-LOVELY!!! I smelled like sour milk til this AM
3am-Gtube was found leaking all over bedding. Thank you nurse Chelsea!
330am-sponge bath, bed change #2
4am-new nurse came on shift and had to do a whole new assessment-aggghhhh! Tacori traumatizedd thinking it was another new IV since the first thing she did was look at her IV
530am-RT(respiratory therapist) came in to wake Tacori gently and turned on all of the lights and took off bandages for docs to see at 6am
6am-docs came in and removed both drains(neck and ribcage)
715am-change of shift and new nurse came in to be sooo kind and introduce herself! Soooo sweeeeet!

So since both drains have been removed, Tacori has a little more comfort as she moves around. We are off the morphine and she seems to still be in pain mostly when she coughs but for the most part is cracking a couple of more smiles during the day. We have to work hard to get those smiles but they are so worth it.

The plan thus far is to have a trach change Saturday, back to the OR the 28th or 29th to remove her stent and back a week later to have a bronchoscopy with dilation and granulation removal. I will be flying home to get Lauryn tomorrow in the morning to bring her back for a week. I think Tacori will be pumped to see her and we hope this will help speed up her recovery.

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  1. It's amazing was a bit of time, love, and sleep will do to a girl. Praying you three get a lot more sleep and Lauryn is the medication you need to feel better.