Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jet Lag

Well, we, the Sotelos are together again and loving it. Friday thru Saturday morning are a blur for me. I started out Friday at 0500 on a plane headed out to pick up our Lauryn in Fresno at 4pm then we jumped back on the next plane out towards Cincy. After 2 red eye flights, We arrived Saturday morning at 0930 in Kentucky, drove in to straight to Childrens hospital to pick up Miss T and Adam. The docs decided it would be okay for T to have a "local discharge" for a week before the next surgery for stent removal.

Lauryn has been hanging out with Grammy JoJo and Papa Danny causing trouble and fishing. She was also hanging out with her Auntie Bird, Cuzin JenJen, Bubba, and Richie. Let's face it...she loves hanging out with family and with all of them keeping little miss busy, she would have been fine for the next couple of weeks but WE missed her and wanted her to come out to Cincinnati for a vacation. When else will we have a week vacation together??

After discharge we headed for the Ronald McDonald house for a nap and ended our night by playing, eating dinner and playing some more. They have amazing play rooms and an outdoor play area. But... Lauryn has found a new love...FIREFLIES!!! They are too cool and give off a cool light show as the sun goes down.

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