Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day!!! Two years in a row, both my husband and my dad have been "jipped" of a Fathers Day. We were hospitalized last year and this year we were also limited. So after calling my dad and making sure he got his care package from Cincinnati, we decided to get out of the "house" for a little while. The Cincinnati Zoo is literally within walking distance. Two blocks to be exact so we were off!
Since it was Daddy's day, I didn't think it would be as busy as some of our other options but turns out I was WRONG! Not only was it almost 100 degrees and humid, it was packed.

Mr. Turtle was on his own adventure. This zoo volunteers' job is to follow him around all day and make sure he doesn't get ran over by kids or strollers.

Manatee bubble... manatees to be found.

These guys were up to NOOOO good, they were doing a mating call to the females acrosse the way. I didn't know monkeys could even make that much noise!!

T and L sooo confused by the monkeys mating call.

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