Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another good sign???

I'm back blogging again! Yes-and it feels sooo good! I've had many people ask why I haven't updated in awhile and the only reason I can give is life is busier than normal when you have a thriving Kindergartner and a medically fragile 2 year old with a trach. But here is a recent picture of my lil ladies and I at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

As many are aware-our very first trip to Ohio, we felt as if we were given a good sign in our fortune cookie the night before we left. If you remember, it said, "Traveling to the East will bring you great rewards." And today it felt as if we had not one but 2 good signs. One was this lucky Grasshopper which came back into the house not once but twice.
After telling Lauryn the wise tale about these bringing good luck she said, "Wow-thats cool. Maybe T will get her trach out soon so I can get a puppy." And that was the end of that conversation...
But...the story continued...We attempted to go fly some kites later this evening with the Carrions, but the wind wasn't as strong as we initially thought. So we headed back home and decided to make a quick pit stop at Rite Aid. The girls and I stayed in the car since it was cold and dark out while Adam ran in. T began asking, and asking for her "DADA." He returned about 5 min later and she was estatic! On our quick 2 minute drive home, she was babbling (quacking) louder and louder saying Mama, Dada, HIIIIIII! We started discussing on when and if we ever get this trach out she might take off on her verbal skills because she is addimate that she's heard. As we unloaded the car in the garage light, Adam said, OMG! She is sooo loud because her trach is OUT!! I laughed thinking there was nooo way, but sure enough, it was COMPLETELY out. Of course, we scurried inside, panicked and for the life of us couldn't find our other trachs. Then I ran outside and got her suction machine and there were her replacement trachs. At this point her stoma was teeny tiny and it took me a couple of tries before it in.

We are hoping this experience and the grasshopper bring us some good fortune this year. We have two trips planned to Ohio-one in March and one in April;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

For the love of Spaghetti

We had our favorite dinner tonight-Spaghetti. Daddy makes the BEST spaghetti and Lauryn makes it FUN!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hair & Ice Cream

My auntie Bird, cousins JenJen, and Richie came over tonight to visit with us. It ended up being an Ice Cream social and Hair night. My aunt and cousin Jen did Lauryns hair in braids. T hates having her hair messed with and this was all Richie and I could manage without her getting upset and throwing herself on the floor. Adam made the night even better when he came home with some Baskin Robbins ice cream. Yummy!!

San Francisco

I had to be in Oakland again for more training for work so Adam, the girls and I decided to make it into a mini vacation and it was perfect. We went to Pier 39 on Sunday evening and even though it was cold we had a great time. Here is Lauryn picking out oysters for pearls. It was addicting for the both of us and we ended up doing it 3 times. She is a great Oyster Pearl Picker Outer. We ended up with a pink,white and gray one!!

Sisters (last Saturday)

We decided to head out to our local golf course in Dinuba. Yes, you heard right, we do have a golf course in Dinuba;) I wanted to snap some pics but we ended up staying for all of about 10minutes because it was waaay to hot n muggy.

Kathy-our Physical Therapist. Friday of last week

Since we were gone for so long, Tacori was in desperate need of her physical Therapist, Kathy.

Kathy came by last week in the afternoon and had a Welcome Home gift for T. Her first Crayola markers!! Lauryn helped T to learn how to use them and they both had a blast and as you can see they also made quite the mess!

Kathy is wonderful and her vast knowledge about PT is amazing! She has been very instrumental in helping T to meet her developmental milestones. We love our KC Kids Physical Therapist!!

Trach Yanker-last week July 17th

Well, we knew it would happen, we just never knew when.

I was in Oakland for a training and got a call from our nurse Irene. She said you'll never believe what T did?! I was soooo excited to hear she had finally had started walking...but, no this was not as exciting...T had pulled her trach out and made herself bleed a bit. Irene is absolutely fabulous and put it right back in but thank God we just got had her airway reconstructed because she wouldn't have had as much time as she did before things could've gone bad.

Our precious little girl is a Trach Yanker!

Nooooo! Not me!!!!