Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Morning

We had to be at Radiology first thing-check in by 9am. Our poor bumpkin has been on pedialyte since about 4am. She won't be able to eat anything till after her CT scan of her lungs/chest which could be late this afternoon once the anesthesia wears off. A CT is basically a high resolution picture that can be cut like slices of bread for our pulmonologist Dr. Wood to evaluate every lil' crevice of her lungs and be able to determine just how good/bad they really are. We do know that being on the breathing tube birth til 4mo of age could've did some major damage along with her being a micropreemie too. Dr. Wood is text book material and is the top dog of the nation so we are sure to get some answers.
Once we were taken back we had an awesome nurse that Tacori just adored. She explained the whole procedure and how they were going to give Tacori a breathable gas through her trach and she would fall asleep for the procedure. We proceeded to take T to the Scan room, sat her down and immediately the anesthesiologist administered the gas and once her binky dropped we knew she was out-and then we cried, kissed her and had to leave the room. Who knows how we are going to handle surgery day????
We were called back about 30minutes later and Tacori had pulled some heart strings as she always does, was surrounded by nurses playing with her and she was just eatin it up. We love our girls!!!

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