Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I can't believe I missed a day of blogging already. Guess we'll blame it on this time difference (3hours ahead of good ol' California)

Let me revisit Monday for you. Monday-other than jetlag was an easy one for the most part. We only had to show up at Children's Hospital for an anesthesia consult. Dr. Mohammud was very, very nice. Actually everyone was.
Here is our Tacori-still sleepy but ready to meet her anethesiologist.

The rest of the day consisted of eating, sleeping and snacking. I know, I know-not good. Chili (beans) are very popular out here but they don't compare to my mom's or my auntie Birds. Here in Kentucky (which is where the Radisson is located)they have 2 fast food chains Gold Star CHili and Skyline Chili both are local fav's. Every menu we see has chili. Chili spaghetti, chili nachos, pictures of chili dogs,etc. White Castles are also another local fav-they have Burger Kings but one resident said BK is a no-no when you have White Castle round the corner. Adam is ready for some WC sliders. Maybe Thursday after our discharge from the hospital. Their lingo is also quite different. We have to listen in closely because they talk real fast and then have to double think everything. For example, they say cycle but it sounds like sickle and it means motorcycle. We are adjusting. It's sort of neat.

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