Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

This afternoon consisted of another consult with our docs who will be gangin up on Tacori in the O.R. tomorrow. Dr. Woods(pulmonologist), Dr.Cotton(ENT), Dr. Putnam(Gastroenterologist)Tacori started out very calm. We met the docs except for Dr. Cotton along with their nurse practioners. Our appt start at 1p and was over till close to 6p. They were great. Answered all of our questions and then some, explained the procedures in the O.R. for tomorrow and made us feel good about coming all the way out here for second opinions. Dr. Wood did show us the results of the CT scan and their is some scar tissue, some abnormalities of her lungs but said he will take a closer look at all of the areas via a scope tomorrow to give us more detail. But overall they are pleased with her development and said for being a 22-23 week micropreemie her lungs look okay. After all consults were done you could tell T was ready to clothesline the next person who walked through the door she was over it and told her Daddy in this pic he was to take her to a real nice dinner.

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