Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It was time for Dinner so we decided to head up to a the restaraunt here in the hotel. Its called RiverView 360. It revolves around similar to the one on top of the Stratosphere in Vegas. You can see a good part of Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Indiana. Great food too! We decided to go all out since tomorrow and Thursday will consist of cafeteria de la hospital. T did sooooo well and was such a happy girl to be out of those hospital rooms. She found a new love for GOAT CHEEZE! She loves it so much she couldn't get enough of it. After dinner, we were fat, happy and ready for bed. Tomorrow is our big surgery day! We are almost have ways done and closer to being home. We are all missing our Lauryn like crazy but we know she is having a good ol' time back home with her grammy, auntie, and cousins.

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  1. O that little bundle of joy is amazing!! I'm glad to hear that everything has been going well. I am constantly on here now so be sure to keep me posted so I can talk about it w/ the fam. Love you guys!!