Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pneumonia and a Virus

Our Poor lil T is sick again and back in the hospital. She was sick a couple of weeks ago, placed on Bactrim for 14 days and seemed to be turning around until last Saturday when she spiked a horrific fever that was almost too tough to break. We took her back to Pulmonology for a f/u and they choose to admit her. She has been there since Tuesday and now requiring oxygen:( They did an xray and said once again she has a pnuemonia (unknown of whether it is viral or bacterial) so they decided to place her on 2 antibiotics and see what that will do. They think she needs an increase in her diruetic to help release some of the fluid on her lungs. On top of everything else, she tested positive for a influenza virus. With this illness and O2 requirement, Cincinnati is unsure if the want to pursue the decannulation this July since her lungs took quite the toll this time around. So--we'll see....

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