Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kids say and do the CUTEST things

Too cute! Lets start with Lauryn... She loves playing with T, no matter how baby-ish it may be. She is all game when it comes to Tacori. As you may know, with a trach we are unable to hear sound out of Tacori. That does not matter to Lauryn. She holds full blown conversations with T and T can definitely get her point across too.

So-the other day Lauryn and Tacori were "talking", Lauryn turned to us and said "Wow-when Tacori and I were "talking"- I saw inside Tacori's mouth and I told her that she has 2 teefers on da bottom and whole lots of toofers up top!"
Toofers and teefers never sounded soooo cute.

As for the beast, Tacori...Well, she will only pay you mind when she wants too. She was ignoring us one evening paying only attention to toys, so I decided to take advantage of her sassiness and read a book with Lauryn instead. Lauryn was in her PJ's winding down before bedtime, so we cuddled up on the couch. While reading, Lauryn let out a "AAAGGGGHHH, WAAAAAAAAHH!" I looked down and there was the beast with all of Lauryn's toes in her mouth-LOCKED JAW!!
Lauryn took it like a CHAMP! She screamed and cried but didn't move for the toofers and teefers sake.


  1. Lauryn is a GREAT big sister!!! Way to be patient with your sassy little sister! Too funny!

  2. Oh my goodness that is so hilarious!!! Geez that would have been a sight to see!!! Tacori is so feakin funny!!!