Monday, July 12, 2010

We're HOME!

Home! Yes, Tacori and I are home! Who knew a four letter word could mean so much.

Six hours of flying and a 2hour layover in between-T was a good girl-ancy but good. I had to travel not only with Tacori, but,a suction machine, emergency bag,diaper bag,meds, feeding pump, feeds and supplies. But we made it.

We don't have to return for 3months (October) for another couple of surgeries. Her rib graft is healing well and now has a open airway in her trachea. However, the news we weren't anticipating to hear is now that they can actually see air moving in and out of her airway they realized that her vocal cords are not allowing enough air through. Therefore, Dr. Cotton needs to perform a cordectomy. This means he will laser off a divet on one of her cords, place another stent in to allow healing and remove a couple of weeks later. Permanently removing a piece of her vocal cord will mess with the quality of voice (she will now have a breathy voice if any voice at all) and now she will be at increased risk for aspiration since the cords help protect the entrance to the lungs. This means she will need to learn how to swallow and compensate AGAIN!! Hopefully the third time will be the charmer!

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  1. WOW!!! That's GREAT news! It's so nice that you're H O M E. Sorry to hear about Tacori's vocal cords. Maybe she'll have a smoky voice like Nora Jones.