Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

Let's revisit how Little T's Venture first began.

I was 23 weeks pregnant and we were celebrating Christmas with our family in Reedley, CA when I started to feel "different." I had to sit by the front door to soak in the freezing cold air or I would feel nauseous. Joking, I told everyone that I thought I was going into labor. I was having pretty consistant contractions and when I went to the restroom I noticed the paper was tinged with blood. I looked it up on the internet and all I could find were sites that mentioned blood tinged=delivery of baby in 48hours or less.This is when I began to panic. I told my husband Adam, we had to go and had to go now to the hospital. I cried for the next hour. Not only leaving my 3 year old behind on Christmas Day but also worried about what was to come. We arrive at Clovis Community and they immediately rush me up to L&D, put me on monitors and take a urine sample. I repeatedly told them when I was having contractions but nursing personnel stated they must be Braxton Hicks since they are not registering on the monitor. The nurse who took my urine sample came back a lil' later and asked if I had any symptoms of urinary tract infection and I had none. She continued to inform me that "maybe" I had a UTI in the beginning stages and they were going to send me home on Macrobid (anbx). My only instructions were to urinate when I felt a "contraction" coming on and not to worry if I felt up to 4 contractions/hour for the next day or two. I knew there was more going on but they insisted not. So-home I went.

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